A certain classic tape from Future is now available on all streaming platforms.

Overnight, Future made his 2014 project Monster available on all platforms on the same day that marks the tape's fifth anniversary.

"I've always spoke through my music and the people championed my trials and tribulations whole heartedly with no regards . . . Five years later this classic is available on all platforms," Future said when sharing the news. "Thanks for the love."

Monster, as fans know, is part of a trilogy of post-Honest tapes that also includes the equally revered Beast Mode and 56 Nights.

Stream Monster here via Apple Music. The project is now also available via Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer, Google Play, YouTube Music, etc. As some fans have pointed out following the fresh streaming push, a Tidal subscription would have given you access to the project some time ago.

Speaking with Guardian back in 2014, Future described his hook-crafting methods—practically omnipresent on Monster—as being rooted in placing creativity above all else when in the studio.

"It's just a matter of taking different things and building from them," he said at the time. "Just be creative. Don't be afraid to be yourself. If you're doing what you think people might like, rather than doing what you like, people will see through it."

Most recently, Future shared a new seven-track EP titled Save Me in June.