Earlier this week it was announced that pop-punk band Yellowcard would sue Juice WRLD for copyright infringement over his single "Lucid Dreams." The group, which has disbanded, alleges that the song ripped off melodic elements from their 2006 track "Holly Wood Died."

The lawsuit also mentioned how Juice WRLD has continually expressed how much pop-punk has influenced his work. BlocBoy JB, who filed a lawsuit earlier this year against Epic Games for using his dance in Fortnite, has chimed in with his thoughts on the Yellowcard lawsuit.

In a tweet, BlocBoy wrote, "So you telling me Yellow Card can sue Juice World [sic] for $15M for using ah flow not da same words just da flow but Fortnite done took every blacc mf in da world exact dance and aint paid ah single cent to no one yet I find dat crazy."

As the Verge reported earlier this year, BlocBoy's lawsuit against Epic Games was put on hold alongside other similiar cases from those who had their signature dance moves included in the game.

BlocBoy first filed his lawsuit this January, claiming that Epic Games stole his "Shoot" dance for the "Hype" emote, which fans could purchase with in-game currency known as V-Bucks. It's unclear how much he was seeking, but Yellowcard is seeking in excess of $15 million from Juice WRLD.

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