Normally, the excitement of being on Hot 97 with Funkmaster Flex makes rappers spit bars with a sense of urgency. Yet Young M.A showcased her confidence by calmly delivering rhyme after rhyme to complete a freestyle strewn with punchlines and gems.

Flex coaxed M.A to throw her hat into the ongoing "So Brooklyn" when he queued up the track. This gave the artist the perfect platform for her to rep for her borough. 

"I said I'm the queen of Brooklyn let's get it/That's kween with a 'K' because I'm a King too/It's Kings County, I'mma show you what this queen do," M.A says. She then starts to beat up the instrumental with methodically placed punchlines. "I got the crown like Heights/Oh, yeah I took the shit," she raps. "I'm from the city where it's gritty at/That click-clack 'Gimme that'/That put that glizzy right there where your kidneys at."

After reminding us she can rope-a-dope a beat to sleep, Young M.A opens up on the second instrumental. For the latter half of her freestyle, the rapper introduces an unorthodox, southpaw flow to touch on more serious topics. 

"Got rid of some n***as 'cause they was moving devious/Now I only move with the immediate," she spits. "Got money repeated it, repeated it, repeated it/Et cetera, et cetera, you know what I mean and shit." Also unmissable: "Had to feed the streets like I just walked out of ShopRite/Falling backwards, not right/Apologies, I was in a time of need/I needed some privacy, I needed a prophecy," and, "Not to brag but I be doing numbers like the lottery."