Super producer and songwriter Poo Bear had an unfortunate birthday. He was the victim of an orchestrated home invasion, as TMZ reports. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that the robbers were able to make off with close to $1 million from Poo Bear's Hollywood Hills home. 

People close to the situation say that one of Poo Bear's staffers noticed something was wrong when they went to go check on the residence and saw that a window had been broken. An employee discovered that the entire safe had been taken from the house. Per TMZ, this safe contained a massive amount of jewelry worth at least $1 million. It's unknown if the robbers took other items from the home outside of this major hit. Poo Bear was celebrating his birthday in Japan at the time of the incident.

Poo Bear is famous for his work with Chris Brown ("I Can Transform Ya"), Usher ("Caught Up"), and Justin Bieber, who he started working exclusively with in 2013.  He co-wrote most of the songs on Bieber's Journals and Purpose.

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