The NFL kicks off its Songs of the Season program with independent New York hip-hop artist SASH.

As you may have heard, the 19-year-old SASH's "What Would a Champion Do?" record was featured throughout Sunday's slate of NFL broadcasts, including pre-game shows, in-game reports, and post-game coverage, and will also be heard during Monday Night Football. According to the NFL, the Songs of the Season series will showcase up-and-coming acts across various genres, incorporating their music into league promotions throughout the 2019-2020 season. Each record will debut during an NFL broadcast and immediately hit worldwide streaming services.

Proceeds from the songs will go toward the NFL's newly launched Inspire Change initiative, a social justice effort that aims to help underprivileged communities. Education advancement, criminal justice reform, as well as police and community relations are among Inspire Change's priorities. 

"To see ‘What Would a Champion Do?’ being used at the highest level is incredible, especially as an independent artist," SASH said in statement. "This entire song was made by just me and my little brother—that’s as independent as it gets, and I think it’s important to see independent artists reach this sort of platform. I’ve been inspired by music all my life, and the reason I make music is to inspire others. Having the opportunity through Inspire Change to give back to the community with my music is a really special thing."

You can stream "What Would a Champion Do?" now on all major platforms. SASH is releasing his debut EP Not a Formula at the end of October. 

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