As 6ix9ine's time in court continues, more and more artists in the hip-hop community have spoken out against the controversial rapper. The latest to voice their opinion is Chicago's Lil Durk, who strongly objects to 6ix9ine's testimony against the Nine Trey Bloods gang. 

In an interview with Rob Markman for Genius' For the Record series, Durk offered up his thoughts on 6ix9ine. "A rat is a rat," he said at 12:08 point when asked about the situation. "You know what you did. If you not like that man, then stay away from this streets. You portraying an image that’s really not you. The people behind you know that. I know I can’t go do nothing with him. Cause I know in the back of my head, like man he gon' tell a fucking cop… Ain't nobody deserve to go to jail at the end of the day, but a rat is a rat. I’m not surprised he told."

Durk added that he could tell that 6ix9ine wasn't quite the blood he made himself out to be in his music. "You could be my daddy, you can be my momma. If you tell, it’s like over with," he continued at 13:55. "My daddy did 26 years for that type of shit. So, me even talking to one or being cool with one or being something… anything with snitching it’s just like fuck everything we stand for."

Watch his full interview with Markman above.

It's not the first time Durk has commented on 6ix9ine.

Lil Durk on 6ix9ine: "F*ck 69 snitch."


— Complex (@Complex) September 17, 2019

In other news, Durk teamed up with Rod Wave for the remix of "Heart on Ice," providing a revealing verse to the emotional track.

Check out the video for the song below.