Chance the Rapper dropped in on Jimmy Kimmel Live proceedings Tuesday night, offering fans a performance of "I Got You (Always and Forever)" featuring En Vogue. He also joined Kimmel for a chat about his recently released The Big Day album, as well as his standup ambitions and thoughts on frequent collaborator Kanye West's Jesus Is King era.

Around the 5:45 mark, Chance was asked about Kanye's status as his "spiritual advisor," which resulted in Chance giving some insight on the Jesus Is King mindset and joking that he was inadvertently doing Kanye promo.

"Kanye's, man, he's so devoted right now," he said. "He's very well-versed in [the Holy Bible] at this point. He's just reading a lot . . . It seems like he's just had [these bible verses] memorized for years but to my knowledge a lot of that stuff he learned very recently. This Sunday Service thing that he's doing and the album that comes out next week, I think, Sept. 27—I feel like I'm on Kanye’s press run right now—but no, he's talking about what I believe in and it's that Jesus is king . . . He's spreading the good news and I appreciate it."

Later, Chance discussed his impromptu standup set at Chicago's Laugh Factory from earlier this year. While explaining that he has plans to continue working on his material, Chance detailed his comedy goals as arising from his fondness for the improv shows at Chicago's Thunderdome and the comedy scene in general. 

"I believe that one day I'll be a world-famous comedian . . . I'm a comedic guy," he said around 10 minutes into the video above. Asked about the nature of his material, Chance admitted that some "really corn stuff" was included in his standup debut but informed the public that he intends to do additional 20-minute sets at the Laugh Factory.

"I'm building up," he said. "I'm gonna make a whole thing. It might be called The Cookout, who knows."

Up top, catch Chance's En Vogue-backed performance of "I Got You (Always and Forever)."