Alicia Keys and Miguel have teamed up to release a new single, "Show Me Love."

The two decided to accompany this duet with a video they describe as "a visual sonic installation." The project was directed by Cara Stricker and features actors Michael B. Jordan, Zoe Saldana, and Saldana's husband Marco Perego SaldanaMiguel and Keys premiered the video at the Dolby SoHo in New York City; the song is the first single off Keys' upcoming seventh studio album. 

This video is split into three scenes that were each shot in one take. In the first, Jordan stands alone as a single man looking to fight his way through water that's hindering his moves. The second scene shows Miguel and Keys, who appear to be working together to create the song the viewer is hearing. Water is also a focal piece of this scene but instead of it working against Keys and Miguel, it accents the singers. The Saldanas are paired together for the third scene, dancing in a room surrounded by unpainted canvases.

In addition to the video, "Show Me Love" has an actual installation located at 477 Broadway in Manhattan. The piece will be on display from Wednesday, Sept. 18 to Sunday, Sept. 22. "Show Me Love" is available to stream as well.