As Berlin-based, Toronto-born artist Nathan Micay, aka Bwana, gears up for the release of his Butterfly Arcane EP via LuckyMe (Sept. 13), he's just unveiled one of the singles from the EP, "I'm Your Huckleberry", a fizzing, bubbling piece of electronica that's filled with IDM-influenced twists and turns, yet still packs plenty of punch to secure its place in the club. Proggy, melodic, cerebral, relentless... Micay packs a lot in to the 6:47 run time, so it's anyone's guess what he's held back for the rest of the EP.

Speaking with Complex via email, Micay told us: "Musically, the EP contains explorations for the dancefloor with weird-ass melodic structures that stem from the same sound pallet as 'Blue Spring'".

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