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UPDATED 8/14, 9:30 a.m. ET: The full episode of the Joe Budden Podcast featuring Nicki Minaj has arrived, expanding upon the preview that she shared on her Instagram Live. As soon as the podcast catches up to where she left off, Nicki gets heated about people supposedly making up stories about her. Listen below.

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Nicki Minaj brought back her Queen Radio Beats 1 show on Monday for its first-year anniversary episode, bringing along special guest Joe Budden. The two eventually got into a heated argument over accusations of Budden lying about Minaj, with her cutting off his microphone after the subject of drugs was brought up. Now they're set to continue their conversation on a new episode of Budden's podcast.

While the episode hasn't appeared online just yet, Nicki gave a preview of what fans can expect via an Instagram Live session. After a lengthy build-up with pre-recording preparations, they kicked off the show and immediately got into it. Nicki has continually accused media and influencers of attempting to tear her down, and during her livestream she said, "Those people came together to try to end me, and sweetheart, before I get off this Insta let me say this... It'll never fucking happen."

She didn't specifically single anyone out, but she did refer to those tearing her down as being men in particular. While the two have figured out their problems regarding Joe Budden's comments about "Hot Girl Summer," which he said was already recorded before Nicki jumped on a stream with Megan Thee Stallion, she still took issue with his previous comments about the Cardi B-featuring Migos track "MotorSport."

"You and him [DJ Akademiks] were the first to start the narrative," she said of the drama surrounding "MotorSport," which Budden said Nicki didn't know that Cardi would be on. Nicki has disputed that since she first heard about the rumor. "Cardi is not getting her information from Akademiks and I," Budden replied. "I don't give a fuck about what the fuck she think or who she got information from, I'm talking about you speaking to the public," she added, accusing Budden of influencing negative public perception of her.

Earlier in their conversation, they also discussed the idea of him influencing his viewers to believe that Nicki is a liar, although Budden disputed that he was to be defined as a 'gatekeeper' of sorts with his opinions. "Gatekeeper to me means someone who can either allow or deny access to this industry, and I don't necessarily view media that way Nicki," Budden said at the 24:20 mark of the full steam seen below. "Well both of y'all are out of your mind," she responded. 

"If I don't defend myself he's right," she said. "If I do I'm the angry black woman."

Check out Nicki's full Instagram Live session from her time on the Joe Budden podcast above, and look out for the full episode within the coming days.