Lord Jamar hasn't held his tongue when it comes to criticizing Eminem, and Royce Da 5'9" has always been ready to defend his friend. On Tuesday, the Brand Nubian group member took to Instagram live where he took aim at Royce.

"I bet y’all thought I wasn’t going to reply to Mr. Royce Da 5’9," Jamar said during the session. "Wrong! Let’s unpack this, shall we? An IG just surfaced recently a couple days ago of Royce Da 5’9 talking about me. What up Royce? Apparently, you were a little upset—again. I thought the video was old actually. But nope, it’s a new one. People don’t really ask me about you Royce. They ask me about Eminem, but for some reason, you like to respond. OK. I get it. You’re a loyal guy."

Last week, Royce Da 5'9" went on the offensive against DJ Vlad, which turned into a direct shot at Lord Jamar, who frequently attacks Eminem on VladTV.

"Lord Jamar—you a legendary rapper. You're a part of a legendary rap group. It's like you're going in there sitting on (DJ Vlad's) couch, sitting in this man's chair, and you running up all these views because you have all this controversial shit to say about one f**kin' person and he walks away with the check and you walk away craving attention," Royce said before claiming he doesn't care if "real n****s" listen to Eminem. "I don't care about none of that shit. You don't have to respect me just don't disrespect me."

After catching wind of Royce's assessment, Lord Jamar attempted to deconstruct the comments. Through his evaluation, Lord Jamar started to consider Royce a fan and addressed the rapper as such.

"The reason why he would call me a ‘legend’ and my group ‘legendary’ is because when Brand Nubian came out, our debut album received five mics in The Source," Lord Jamar continued. "A lot of people got knowledge of self through f**kin’ with our music. That’s what makes Brand Nubian so legendary. Why dude would even start out his whole rant about that and say that so thank you and respect for acknowledging what I’ve done in this game as a legend. Thank you. I appreciate that." Jamar then went on to question why Royce is coming for him when other rappers have made similar comments about Eminem.

"Does the hood listen to Eminem. Now, he disagreed with me, as far as the whole Eminem being a guest in the house of hip-hop, but he did agree with me that n***as in the hood don't really listen to Eminem," Jamar said. "In general, black people don't f**king listen to Eminem. It's not a f**king diss, it's a f**king fact. Did you come at Conway with all this energy you came for me? Did you come at Gucci Mane who also stated the same thing?... You say nobody cares about my opinion, but my opinion seems to bother you very much."

Jamar didn't stop there. "When you hear people you feel should be falling in line, actually keeping it one hundred? It's just real shit!" he continued. "What makes me the yardstick of what's cool? Motherf**ker being a black man! That's why f**kin white people wanna be like us. My f**king vibration makes me cool, motherf**ker! I'm using [motherf**ker] as a term of endearment! I'm not trying to beef with you bro!"