On Saturday, Joe Budden hosted his annual summer pool party at his home in New Jersey. Those lucky enough to get an invite (or knows someone in the Joe Budden circle) were able to attend.

The State of the Culture host got on Instagram Live to show his followers how the turn out was so far. Within minutes, Drake joined the session and began to playfully troll Budden, tossing jokes about the attendance, if he has towels, to play some Tyga, and more.

At first, Drake requested Rory come to the Live, which prompted Budden to explain that Rory and Drizzy have a love-hate relationship.

This is a photo of Rory.
Image via Twitter

Drake laughs at seeing Rory, and then the lighthearted comments continue. He then requests the DJ to play Budden’s diss tracks because he wants to see “if they ring off.”

“That’s not nice Drake,” says Budden. For the record, Budden has four diss tracks: “Making a Murderer, Pt. 1,” “Wake,” “Afraid,” and “Just Because.”

Another request was to play Pusha-T’s “The Story of Adidon” with the same intention: to see “if it rings off.”

“I promise the only person that’s gonna know the words is Rob Markman,” Drake added, referring to Genius’ Head of Artist Relations.

Markman responded with the lyrics to the Pusha-T diss.

Drake’s trolling reached a peak when he asked Budden to play “Pump It Up.” “It’ll send that AirBnb into a frenzy on God,” he wrote.

“And you know it would, n***a. Don’t play. I’ll turn that shit on. ‘Pump It Up’ birthed you n****s,’” Budden said with a laugh.

Budden tells Drake to “don’t play” before he cuts it off. “Don’t come in here and hurt my feelings. My dog just died. My birthday is next week. I don’t have time for these shenanigans.”

As of this writing, Budden is sharing more scenes from his party, so it looks like he’s having a good time despite Drake trolling his Live. He even reconciled with former co-host Marisa Mendez when Budden's podcast was named I'll Name This Podcast Later.

All fun and games, right?