Cardi B shared a clip of herself interviewing presidential candidate and senator Bernie Sanders on the topic of wages and jobs in the United States. 

Cardi has shared her preference for the self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist in the past and she polled her followers about what to ask ahead of the sit-down.  

"The topic that was mentioned the most by all of you was about raising MINIMUM WAGE. I got the chance to ask @berniesanders about this, and these are his answers," she wrote in the post's caption. "Keep sending your questions, we will be addressing more of these soon!"

Cardi got straight to the point, as per tradition. She asked Sanders flatly, "What are we gonna do about wages in America?"

The rapper shared her pre-fame experience where she felt she was perennially struggling, saying that she "felt like no matter how many jobs I got, I wasn’t able to make any means."

Sanders said that many Americans are "earning what I consider to be starvation wages."

"How do you pay for rent?" he asked. "How do you pay for food? How do you pay for transportation?"

Cardi took a veiled shot at the current president, saying that certain people "like to brag that there are more jobs in America now...but what are they paying at these jobs? They practically pay nothing."  

Sanders touted legislation he's pushed that would raise the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour and said that he would throw his support behind labor unions so that workers could "sit down and engage in collective bargaining and earn a decent living."

Take a look at the video here.