Later this year, September 6, darkwave producer Verasect will release his new four-track EP, Awakenings Remixes, featuring reimaginings of three of the tracks from his debut EP, Sleep Stories, from last year. We got the first taste of the collection via the Øfdream remix of "Catch Your Breath" back in November last year, but now we've got a news version of "Tragedy" from wave innovator Kareful. The frantic drum patterns of the original have been toned down to a more trap-like rhythm and the atmospheric trance synths make for an eerie addition behind the haunting, vamped up vocals.

Speaking with Complex via email, Kareful explained: "I was very inspired by the vocals on 'Tragedy' and decided I'd focus on trying to add my own spin on them. The beat came together once I layered a few ethereal melodies, I was unsure where to take the track next. I've been producing mostly 'club' tracks for a while so was tempted to create another banger, but after a while, the track ended up writing itself, it turned into more of a song! Once I showed it to a couple of friends, and got some great feedback, I knew it was finished."

Ahead of the remix's full release on August 2, get your first listen below.

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