Fresh off his announcement of negotiations with an inflatable depiction of an extraterrestrial being regarding climate change, Lil Nas X joked early Friday that he was temporarily taking over Jack Dorsey's job as Twitter CEO.

Naturally, this joke resulted in semi-celebratory responses in which understandably frustrated Twitter frequenters requested that Lil Nas X take this jokingly presented opportunity to do something serious, i.e. make a move regarding the prevalence of neo-Nazi-linked accounts.

Among those calling out this oft-discussed Twitter issue was none other than Seth Rogen, noting that Dorsey has "amplified" white supremacist voices with the site's verification methodology:

And Rogen wasn't alone, with many others using the Lil Nas X x Jack Dorsey Twitter back-and-forth to shine a light on one of the site's most widely criticized pitfalls:

The platform's approach to these issues has, to put it lightly, been a constant source of criticism for Dorsey and company.

Friday, Twitter shares experienced a surge following an earnings report that showed an increase in daily users, though any given timeline scroll in recent days likely introduces you to a flurry of publicly expressed disapproval of recent design changes that only add to the headache-like experience of even bothering with Twitter at all.

Lil Nas X, meanwhile, gave his "Old Town Road' another new spin earlier this week with the release of a remix from BTS' RM retitled "Seoul Town Road."