Jimmy Kimmel, of course, has a lock on Lion King-related interviews this month. Following Donald Glover's lion onesie-assisted appearance Tuesday night, Kimmel welcomed Seth Rogen—who voices Pumbaa in the Jon Favreau production—to talk through some Disney matters and to let loose some understandable feelings about being someone who knows next to nothing about sports.

On the topic of how, in some ways, it's kind of hilarious that he's involved with a Disney movie at all, Rogen shared some thoughts of agreement. 

"I'm shocked that it's happening, to be totally honest," he said. "I could only hurt things. The movie, I think, is gonna do well and it does not need me out here helping that happen. I'm genuinely curious why they think this is anything but potentially bad for them." If nothing else, he joked, he can provide comfort as "the anchor voice" for anyone who chooses to watch The Lion King whilst zonked in some manner.

"It's true," he said. "I will guide you through it. I'm your anchor voice. If it's getting intense, it's like, 'Oh, Seth's here.'"

Given that it's not a true Lion King 2019 interview unless is discussed, Rogen was later asked about working with someone (Beyoncé) who—as Rogen recalled—received a standing ovation at this week's premiere before the screening even began.

"She's getting a standing ovation for just existing," he said. "Her mere presence was a reason to stand and go crazy and I totally got it. I was like, yeah, we should be celebrating! We made it. We're in a room with Beyoncé!"

As it turns out, Rogen first attempted to meet Beyoncé roughly 11 years ago at the Grammys. 

"Her security knocked me so hard that I spilled my drink all over myself . . . I look like someone you wanna keep away from Beyoncé in general," he recalled, noting that speaking with her at the premiere went a lot better. 

"She was very nice," he said. "My beard actually got stuck in her sequins a little bit."

Up top, catch the full interview, which does indeed include some hilariously relatable comments on knowing zilch about ESPYs and other sports-related things, as well as some equally hilarious thoughts on hitting the recording studio with Pharrell Williams and Hans Zimmer.