Last month, DaBaby was reportedly sued for an attack that his entourage inflicted on rapper Don Trag. The assault in question was so severe that it allegedly left Don Trag, real name Donald Saladin, in a coma due to brain and neck swelling. The incident took place in May at Centro Night Club in Lawrence, Massachusetts, where DaBaby and Trag were scheduled to perform. DaBaby ended up skipping the gig because of the attack, and as a result, he's now facing another lawsuit.

As TMZ reports, DaBaby is being sued by promoter Nothing To Something ENTertainment due to his no show. The promoters have said that they already paid the Charlotte rapper for the show, but he made off with the money without ever setting foot onstage. The promoters did not say for the cost of his performance.

Nothing To Something ENTertainment is seeking unspecified damages. Sources close to DaBaby initially claimed he left the show because he didn't feel safe following the assault, and at the time, the promoters offered to reschedule. However, he never agreed to a rescheduled date.

DaBaby is also dealing with being sentenced to a year of probation in connection to a 2018 fatal shooting at the end of June. The 27-year-old rapper was charged with one count of carrying a concealed weapon.