A man who claims to have been beaten up by DaBaby's entourage is suing the rapper, according to TMZ.

Per reports, rapper Don Trag (Donald Saladin) was attacked by alleged associates of DaBaby. The incident took place last month after Saladin opened for DaBaby at the Centro Nightclub in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Saladin claims that he approached the rapper for a picture, but DaBaby declined. After persisting to ask DaBaby for a flick, the rapper's security physically assaulted Saladin. This vicious attack was videotaped by witnesses but the exchange between Saladin and DaBaby wasn't caught on camera. 

The court documents obtained by TMZ state Saladin suffered injuries to his head, eyes, neck, and spine. Saladin's brother explained how the severe injuries led to brain and neck swelling causing Saladin to slip into a coma. They estimate that these injuries will cost Saladin more than $100,000 in medical cost and other expenses.

According to Saladin's lawsuit, the incident would have never taken place if DaBaby had an adequate security team. Saladin feels the rapper's team was not properly trained which caused them to overreact to the situation. He also feels like the DaBaby was at fault because he was allegedly watching the violent attack. As a result, Saladin is seeking an unspecified amount in damages from DaBaby.