Blueface still thinks he’s the “best lyricist” in the game.

“Why [are people] mad at that?” he said on the Breakfast Club on Tuesday, in regards to his comment. “A lot of these artists, they not even rapping no more. Everybody’s singing… when I mean in the game, I mean my generation.”

The Los Angeles rapper clarified that when he’s referring to his generation, he means 2016 and beyond. “You’re supposed to” think you’re the best, Blueface elaborated. “How do y’all think I’m still here rapping offbeat?” Earlier this month, he took to Instagram to comment that he’s the “best lyricist” in contemporary hip-hop.

The “Thotiana” rapper also discussed his recent family drama, which involved his mother, sister, and two girlfriends.

“Expectations get higher when people tend to think you [have money],” he explained, adding that, his “mama good, she got a whole house, she stay in Ohio,” but that it was his sister his mom came to see.

He continued, “I introduced them to the new girls… they not sure how to feel about the two girlfriends… [The argument] had nothing really to do with that—that’s just what the media made it out to be. The media do strange things. The [Instagram] live is what really blew it off the top.” Blueface shared that he and his mom have “pretty much” squashed the beef: “I’m not mad at them at all.”

He also revealed that while he’s still in a relationship with the mother of his child, he has since broken up with the second girlfriend.

"It ain't even last long," he said. "I still got my BM, though. That’s forever." The two previously got matching tattoos of the rapper.

Blueface said he broke it off with the woman after she had made some questionable comments on Instagram Live. During the IG broadcast, the rapper told the two women that many believe they are only with him because of his fame and money; the mother of his child immediately denied the allegations, while the second woman admitted—perhaps jokingly—that the clout was a factor. 

"We was on Live or whatever and I'm like, 'Yo they said that y'all here for the so and so, and so and so,' and my BM was like, 'Nah!' And the other girl, she just gave a bad answer." He continued, "It could have been a joke, could not have been a joke, but at this point I'm at right now, I ain't got no time to figure out if it was a joke or not."

At the beginning of July, Blueface's mother streamed an argument he was having with her and his sister while kicking them out of his L.A. home. One of his two girlfriends reportedly refused to greet his mom, which initiated the whole ordeal. He later posted more footage that showed his sister grabbing a knife from the kitchen and reportedly threatening to stab the rapper. According to him, the argument began because he refused to support his sister.

On Tuesday, video surfaced of an apparent diss track recorded by Blueface's sister, aimed at the rapper.