Sosamann took to Instagram to reveal that the charges in his human trafficking case have been dismissed.

He shared a video on Thursday from outside the Los Angeles Criminal Courts, presumably after his scheduled court appearance. His attitude is also fairly jovial, as he said, “They tried to hit your boy with a low blow but it was a no go.” He continued, “Now, first of all, I didn’t wanna say nothing about this shit because I’m not an internet type of ass n***a. But TMZ and all the rest of these blogs got me fucked up, man ‘cause they throwin’ a jacket on my back I don’t even need.”

He reiterated some of the same sentiments in the clip’s caption, where he thanked his lawyer, blamed the system—though it made it “all right at the end”—and addressed the media outlets, “that tried to dirt my name and make me look brazy out here." He wrote, "shame on you, especially the ones that know me, know damn well ion move like dat .. now y’all @ them people, blog sites and all the rest who thought I was #Done and tell em STOP PLAYIN WIT ME #KaseDismissed #HumanWhat.”

Sosamann was arrested in late May for human trafficking, following a prostitution sting in Los Angeles. Two women reportedly told authorities he and others lured them to the West Coast with promises of the high life; but upon their arrival, they were forced into prostitution and had no way out.

Sosamann—legal name Anthony Denson—was reportedly taken into custody and charged with a felony on May 11. He was released the following day on a $100,000 bond and was scheduled to appear in court on June 6.

His most recent album, Sauce Escobar 2, dropped earlier this year.