Despite being behind bars, Ralo is still providing his fans with new music. The Atlanta native linked up with Shy Glizzy for his newest song "No Competition."

In a statement to Complex, the 24-year-old rapper said he is appreciative of his supporters who are calling for his immediate release. "Seeing and hearing #FreeRalo gives me motivation. It does something special to my heart," he said. "I can’t explain why but I can say it make me feel good. I was able to speak with my engineer and produce this project myself. I heard certain artists on certain beats and I reached out and got the features."

The Conspiracy rapper also maintains a positive outlook on his court case. "I’ve only gotten good news from my legal team on my case, which alone makes any person who’s been arrested feel good. The lawmakers have introduced many bills to decriminalize marijuana on the federal level this year, which I’m looking forward to as well, since that can only help my chances."

Ralo was picked up last April for a trafficking charge, as the feds say he attempted to fly in close to $2 million worth of marijuana from California to Georgia. If convicted, he will be mandated to turn over 20 apartment units he currently owns, as well as nine cars, money, and other items connected to the case.

Last year, the rapper faced hardship when he was denied bond twice. Despite the unfortunate turn in his legal battle, Ralo kept his view optimistic, saying, "I try not to put too much of my confidence into worldly things. I put all my faith in God. I still remain humble, patient, and focused."