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Lil Nas X refuses to lose steam.

In the matter of several months, the 20-year-old Atlanta artist has become one of the most-talked about names in hip-hop. His breakout single, “Old Town Road,” became a viral hit thanks in large part to the #YeeHaw challenge on TikTok. The “country-trap” record eventually made its way onto the Billboard charts, including the Hot Country Songs list (No. 19); however, the “country-trap” record was quickly removed from the chart after Billboard claimed it did not embrace enough country elements.

Following the controversial move, a variety of artists began showing their support for Lil Nas X and his unique fusion of genres. Country singer Billy Ray Cyrus not only defended Lil Nas X on social media, he also assisted the “Old Town Road” remix.

More than a month after the remix dropped, Lil Nas X announced his debut EP 7; however, he didn’t announce a release date until last week.

As its title suggests, the EP spans seven tracks, including the “Old Town Road” remix and the newly released single “Panini.” 7 also includes contributions from Cardi B ("Rodeo") Ryan Tedder ("Bring You Down"), Travis Barker ("F9mily"), Boi-1da ("Closure"), Bizness Boi ("Kick It"), and Take a Daytrip ("Panini," "Rodeo").

“This EP is going to get everybody ready for this album that's coming later,” Lil Nas X told Zane Lowe on Thursday. “It can be 20 songs a day, and then it'll be like, ‘Oh, 35?’ And then I'll be like, ‘Oh, wait, oh, I like these ones. I like this one now. Oh, this is like 27 songs.’ And it's like, nah. But a lot of songs I go in with the intent of finishing, so if I feel like I might want to finish making a song while I'm listening to the beat I'm just like, ‘Cut the whole thing,’ pretty much.”

You can stream 7 now on all major platforms.

7 OUT NOW!! ⚡️🤩

— nope (@LilNasX) June 21, 2019