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It looks like a longstanding rivalry between two global superpowers has come to an end. Katy Perry just posted a photo of a plate of cookies with the phrase "Peace at last," seemingly marking the end of hostilities between herself and Taylor Swift.

Peace for our time, y'all. Entertainment Weekly reports that Swift gifted Perry the cookies. At their level, nothing is carried out without heaps of consideration. The declaration sent fandoms reeling, with many of them speculating that the pair are going to patch things up on a track on Swift's upcoming seventh album.

Take a look at the gears working below: 

Perry previously sent Swift an actual olive branch.

Katy Perry sent Taylor Swift an olive branch last year and now Taylor Swift sent Katy Perry cookies to celebrate their peace. Omg I have no words 😭❤️

— camfection (@completedream) June 11, 2019