The behavior of a Los Angeles County sheriff's deputy involved in YG's recent traffic stop has been determined by higher-ups to have been "out of line," according to a new report.

The deputy in question is the one who yelled "Shut up!" at witnesses while the "On GOD" collaborator was cuffed and ultimately released, TMZ said Tuesday. Sources says the deputy, who was ordered by another on-scene officer to ease off the screaming during Sunday's traffic stop, was found by his superiors to have been escalating the situation by inciting the crowd. Now, the deputy will reportedly receive deescalation counseling, though the new report also notes that there will be no formal discipline or an internal investigation as a result of the deputy's behavior.

According to the initial report on the incident, YG was en route to a 1 OAK performance when he was pulled over on suspicion of speeding and reckless driving, with a field sobriety test ultimately coming back clean. YG was released and cited for reckless driving. 

Monday, YG shared his cameo-filled "Hard Bottoms & White Socks" video. Machine Gun Kelly and Big Boy are among those assembled for the Lil Rich-produced track's visual. In August, YG joins Megan Thee Stallion and Mustard for Meek Mill and Future's Legendary Nights tour. The two-month run begins Aug. 28 in St. Louis.