Cardi B has clapped back at a troll who tweeted that the rapper doesn’t write her own music.

Cardi responded to the troll on Thursday night, writing, “Because I do write a lot of my shit that’s the thing .Yes just like every other artist I do have a couple writer that help with hooks but I wrote plenty of songs on my album specially my mixtape .Ya just flip shit and ya want to believe the fuck shit so bad but EAT IT UP BITCH!”

Twitter user @Always_Playing had written in a since-deleted tweet, “I had it up to here with this BS NOW One thing that she got a Grammy but r u kidding me @billboard how tf is Cardi on this list and SHE DOESNT WRITE ANYTHING SHE ADMITTED TO HAVING A TEAM OF WRITERS SO HOW TF DID SHE MAKE TOP SONGWRITER #really #stupid this is a joke now.”

The Twitter user was writing in response to Billboard Chart’s top 10 Hot 100 Songwriters of 2018 tweet, which placed Cardi B at No. 7. Ed Sheeran and Drake sat at No. 1 and 2 respectively, with Louis Bell, Post Malone, and other singers and rappers rounding out the remaining spots.

Back in early May, Cardi B also clapped back at fans to tell them to leave her family alone. She took to Instagram Live to issue the warning after a number of fan pages dedicated to her had been discussing the intricacies of her family life, particularly her sister, Hennessy Carolina.

“No, you cannot talk about my sister,” she said. “I would go to jail for my sister, I would die for my sister, I would take a bullet for my sister. So nobody could talk about my sister. I could be best friends with somebody for 100 years. Once they say something slick about my sister, you’re getting cut the fuck off, period.”