In a video jokingly presented as being sponsored by Dipset couture, Cam'ron has shared his side of things regarding his split from JuJu. The clip, embedded for convenience below, is an apparent response to a "Whew Chile..." comment she left on a recent Shade Room post.

"First off, I wanna start off by saying I'm not your enemy," Cam'ron said Wednesday in a cinematically presented Instagram update. While Cam is happy for JuJu and wishes her well, he did have some facets of their split he wanted to clarify. According to him, their relationship actually came to an end due to alleged repeated threats made against one of his co-workers.

"I'm happy for everything you're doing but I'm tired of looking like the villain," he said. "Even though I like being the villain, but this isn't the case for this scenario. I didn't break up with you because it wasn't fun or anything like that. I broke up with you because you kept threatening to beat up one of my co-workers for unfollowing you . . . I'm too old to beat up or see somebody getting beat up who brings me $300,000 a year for unfollowing. I couldn't take it anymore, because of the Instagram 'follow this person, follow that person' and you can't beat up white people in New York, especially a white Jew. You can't beat up any white Jewish people in New York."

Cam'ron went on to allege matters of plastic surgery, which JuJu responded to in a since-removed update:

The two split in late 2017, with both Cam'ron and JuJu subsequently offering their sides of the situation in interviews with the Breakfast Club team.