50 Cent and Cam'Ron Shared a Fake News Story About Kanye West Dominating a Wheelchair Basketball Game

The reason the rappers decided to unearth the ancient fake viral news story is unclear.

Kanye West poses at the opening night of the new musical 'The Cher Show'

Image via Getty/Bruce Glikas

Kanye West poses at the opening night of the new musical 'The Cher Show'

Both Killa Cam and 50 Cent are known for their Instagram antics so everything they do on social media should be taken with a grain of salt. It's now wonder they shared an image of a headline from the fake viral news story about Kanye Werst dominating a wheelchair basketball game. 

This week, both Cam'ron and 50 posted a screenshot of fake headline that reads "Kanye Scores 106 Points Against Wheelchair Basketball Team."

Though Killa simply captioned the image by caling Kante a "Wild Boy," 50 was more elaborate, offering a prediction of what he thought happened during the ficitional game of hoops.

"This boy is really handicap. Had a Kobe Bryant moment at a wheel chair game," 50 wrote. "Emanuel Gonzalez would have him shot."

There's no indiciation why the two rappers decided to give new shine on the fake story, which dates back to 2014. It was first reported by the Daily Buzz Livewhich creported that Ye dropped the obscene amount of point by "mistake."

"A charity basketball game did not go exactly as planned yesterday when Kanye West scored 106 points against the team of handicapped children in wheelchairs," the fake report reads. "The game was a PR move intended to smooth over the controversy that erupted this week to between Kanye and the disabled community. It all began when, at one of his concerts, West repeatedly asked wheelchaired fans to stand, and refused to apologize for his mistake afterward."

However, despite the report being totally false, that didn't stop Killa and 50 from clowning on the 'gram.  

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