Jim Jones Says Cam'ron Wasn't Going to Perform With JAY-Z at 'B-Sides 2' Unless He Was There

It wouldn't be Cam and Jigga if the peace treaty didn't come with stipulations.

Rapper Jim Jones attends "Breaking In" Atlanta Private Screening

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Rapper Jim Jones attends "Breaking In" Atlanta Private Screening

One of hip-hop deepest feuds came to an end when Cam'ron joined JAY-Z on stage for B-Sides 2 at Webster Hall. While this was a big moment for hip-hop, it wouldn't be Cam and Jigga if the peace treaty didn't come with stipulations. 

During his interview with the Rap Radar Podcast, Jim Jones explained how this miraculous moment came together.

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"I got a call saying JAY about to do a special B-side concert and I'm like 'Cool, can I get some tickets? What's up?' I thought that was the call that he was pulling up. They like 'Yo, he wants to perform 'Welcome to New York City,'" Jones said to hosts Elliott Wilson and Brian "B. Dot" Miller. "Right after I got the call, I called [Cam'ron], I said 'Yo, JAY is doing the B-Side concert, right?' [Cam] like 'Yeah.' [And I say] 'He trying to perform 'Welcome to New York City' and they wanted me to know if maybe you might just want to perform. You know, I don't know, you know I'm just trying to do what I do.' He like, 'Yeah run it. Let's do it.'"

Although Cam'ron's initial agreeance came with ease, Jones went on to detail the intricacies that led to him getting on stage and performing "I Really Mean It."

"Cam told em, 'I'm not coming on unless Jim come out. I don't know what's going on, but Jim got to come out,'" Jones said. "They was like, 'Yeah, we going to bring Jim out during 'I Really Mean It.' I was like, 'Cam, you ain't really have to do that,' and he was like, 'Nah, bro. I ain't going on stage without you. You know how this go.'"

Although they've had their inner turmoil, Dipset's sense of loyalty is something Jones feels is unmatched. When talking about the B-Side performance, Jim stated that he was OK with performing "I Really Mean It" and not one of his solo records. This is because he viewed that night as Cam'ron's moment and the group applauds each other's accomplishments. He also makes a commitment to keeping Juelz Santana's momentum alive while the rapper is incarcerated. 

"That's the baby bro. I always got to represent. I can't wait for him to get back," Jones said. "Me, him, and Cam and [Freeky Zeeky] really got a brotherhood like no other. We been through the most."

Watch Capo's full Rap Radar interview below, where he breaks down tracks from El Capo, describes plans for another album in the fourth quarter, latest business moves, and more.

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