Juju Opens Up About Her Breakup with Cam'ron

The 'Love & Hip Hop' star talks about her breakup, growth, and Cam's beef with Mase on the Breakfast Club.

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In a new episode of the Breakfast Club, Love & Hip Hop star Juju opened up about her breakup with rapper Cam’ron. Back in November, Cam did his own interview where he said the cause of the breakup was that it “just wasn’t fun anymore,” because of disagreements the couple had over Instagram. Around the 4:30 mark, Angela and Juju got into the real reasons behind the iconic couple’s breakup.

“You know that was really hurtful to me, because Cam and I, we were really good friends,” Juju said. She went on to talk about how Cam’s claim that the falling out happened over Instagram was really just the tip of the iceberg. “Prior to this happening, Cam for the past year was just like basically pushing me away,” Juju said, explaining that Cam had stopped inviting her to shows and other appearances the rapper was making. “He said I couldn’t go. He said ‘I got my own thing going.’”  

Juju and Cam’ron met in 2002, and began dating a few years later. They broke up six months ago after being together for nine years. During that time, Cam helped Juju launch her career as an actress, business owner, model, and realtor. She cites both of their growth as the main reason for their breakup. “I’m sorry I can’t be the 2009 Juju,” she said. “This thing called life is about elevating and growing and if that makes me not fun I’m okay with that.” 

DJ Envy kept advocating for the two to get back together, but even though the breakup was relatively smooth, Juju says the two currently aren’t friends and she doesn’t see them getting back together any time soon. The two apparently tried to stay friends, but thanks to some drama with a girl on Instagram (discussed at the 10:30 mark), they aren’t speaking. Still, she expresses nothing but thanks and admiration for her ex of nearly a decade.

“Cam and I had nine years of a fun relationship. Cam is a good guy. He’s a great father,” Juju said. “We were just growing apart. We were going in different directions, and that’s okay. He’s a good man and I wish him the best.”

To wrap up the interview, Angela asked Juju whose side she was on during the Mase and Cam’Ron beef. “Those people knew each other before I was even around, so I don’t get into that,” Juju diplomatically responded.

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