As a man of many talents, Method Man has proven himself as a respected and versatile actor. But for Wu-Tang Clan's upcoming Hulu series, Method Man won't be playing himself. Instead, rapper Dave East has been tapped to play the Staten Island staple. During an appearance on GQ's "Actually Me," Method Man explains the thought process surrounding this decision. 

"See, this has come up a lot," Method Man said. "I cannot play myself as young myself, it wouldn't even look right."

He then went on to detail that this role is a chance for a new generation of rappers to help bridge the gap between Hollywood and hip-hop. 

"I saw it as an opportunity for someone like myself when I first got into it, 'cause there weren't a lot of people giving you a chance to show that you can do it," Method Man said. "So when I seen Dave's name in the pot I was like, 'yeah he's just like me. He wants to be an actor, fuck it, give him a shot.' The question has no validity as far as I go."

The news that East would be apart of Wu-Tang: An American Saga came in March. This 10-episode drama will follow the origins of the Wu-Tang Clan. Along with East, Julian Elijah Martinez and Sopranos's star Vinnie Pastore will appear in the project.