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Tyler, the Creator was forced to cancel his first appearance in London in four years after crowds got too large. The Igor rapper announced a surprise show at the Bussey Building in the South London neighborhood of Peckham today, but an unanticipated response from fans led police to call off the show. 

Fan pictures show a huge crowd gathered in the street outside the venue and cafe. 

Video showed fans climbing scaffolding and gates in an attempt to get in to the building, which Tyler said was final straw for police monitoring the situation. 

"Too rowdy, cops cancelled it, go home, i tried, the gate climbing nail in the coffin, they go nervous, too bad was a cool idea.,” Tyler tweeted before deleting it and replacing it with a whispered video message urging fans to go home.


The press of people was so bad that special guests couldn't get out of the venue. A video shot by a fan shows Virgil Abloh escaping by crawling under a gate.

Tyler was banned from the U.K. in 2015 by then-Home Secretary Theresa May, citing lyrics from Tyler's early project Bastard. That ban was reportedly lifted in February