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The Estate of Tupac Shakur has signed off on a five-part docuseries based on the late rapper's life.

Deadline reports the project will be directed by Allen Hughes, the man behind Menace II Society and HBO's 2018 docuseries The Defiant Ones. As part of the deal, 2Pac's estate has granted Hughes full access to the artist's released and unreleased material, marking the first time the estate has cooperated in such a comprehensive project.

In a 2018 interview with The Wrap, Hughes spoke about his relationship with Pac's estate and how they were hesitant to clear footage for The Defiant Ones, which chronicled the lives and careers of Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre.

"The Tupac Estate was—and I know them, they’re all old friends—but there was some stuff with him at the gun range that they were precious about," Hughes said, when asked which footage was the hardest to obtain. "My original cut is not the way it [eventually aired]. The family and the estate were really sensitive about taking things out of context when it came to weapons in his hands, you know? He was at a shooting range and it was pretty explosive in the original cut, and they were very, very, very adamant that we not do it that way."

Hughes will executive produce the docuseries with Lasse Järvi and Charles D. King. Tom Pellegrini will produce.

Stay tuned as more details about the untitled project become available.