TMZ Sports recently spoke with Too Short outside of Avenue in Los Angeles with Jimmy O. Yang by his side. Being from Oakland, Short is naturally rooting for the Golden State Warriors in their quest for a fourth title in the last five years against the Toronto Raptors and their "glorified mascot" Drake, according to one member of the one-time Grammy-nominated group Smash Mouth

With Drake's courtside behavior during Raptors home games becoming a topic of conversation among those within the Warriors organization and the league offices, Short has already mapped out a project idea using Drake's antics against him, which will be released in the event that Golden State topples Toronto to take the title. 

"We already had a meeting about this," he explained. "What we're gonna do is, we're gonna watch Drake. We're gonna record every little bit of tape of Drake [during the NBA Finals]. Every word he says, we're gonna make a song with those words." 

While talking about the track, Short also mentioned that the project's working title is Drake Losing to the Warriors. It's not the best title, but the concept is interesting, if the mics are able to catch anything he says. The better way to use Drake's Raptors fandom would be to create a montage of his reactions during the Finals as songs centered around the Warriors' latest championship run play in the background. 

The two may be good friends, but there's always room for some trash talk after your hometown team wins the chip.