The death of Nipsey Hussle hugely impacted the hip-hop community, and The Game was among those who took his untimely passing hard. The fellow Los Angeles rapper has posted a number of tributes to the late West Coast legend, which prompted some of his followers to question why he made so many posts in relation to Nip but didn't do the same when his father George Taylor passed away last year at the age of 65.

"Some say, well when your father died you didn’t post him as much as you’re posting Nip.... you’re right," Game posted on his Instagram. " My father was my father & I gave him his light here & shared my pain in a few posts & then I mourned privately with my family as we were the ones effected [sic] by his passing. With Nip, it was different because his passing touched the entire world."

Explaining himself further, he said that all these tributes have helped him cope with the loss. "So this is my therapy, especially since my 1st thought when I wake is bro & his memory," he continued. "There are also people who read these posts daily, find these therapeutic & are able to understand a little more about myself, my vulnerability & our friendship as well as my account of how pure of a human he was."

The Game has since followed up the post with another tribute to Nipsey, encouraging his fans to remain motivated. "Start today with self motivation," he wrote. "Get YOU ready to go out into the world & be productive on any level where excellence is required. Spread as much positivity & love as you possibly can & be open to receive it as well."

He tagged the post "#OneNipPostADayTillFadeAway."