It only feels right to cap this list with a literal baby. At the age of 3, Baby Teezie dropped a music video for “Amazing,” which featured confident-beyond-his-years lines like: “I don't wanna talk if you ain't trying to pay me.” Flashing a wad of cash in front of a group of older kids on a neighborhood playground, Teezie made it immediately clear that he wasn’t ready to let his lack of life experience hold him back from becoming a boastful (and lowkey inspiring) rapper. Not far removed from learning how to walk, he invented his own “sauce” dance move as a toddler. What a legend. It’s been two years since “Amazing” dropped at the time we’re publishing this list, and we haven't seen much else from him (besides a must-watch behind-the-scenes video), but we can’t wait to see what a 5-year-old Teezie is capable of. Imagine the rhyme schemes he must be coming up with now that he's been to kindergarten. Sure, his skills as a rapper are still raw and his discography is as small as his stature, but Baby Teezie gets bonus points for being a true baby rapper in every sense of the word. —Eric Skelton