After catching our attention back in 2017 with a surprising cover of P!nk, we've been keeping our eye on producer, singer and songwriter James Gillespie.

Two EPs released earlier this year—Lost and Wants And Worries—more than lived up to our hopes and kicked off what has been a busy year for Gillespie so far. Now he's back with his third official drop for the year, "Kerosene", and we're not even at the halfway point in the year. "Kerosene" tells the tale of being dangerously infatuated through haunting melodies and a sparse production style that ramps up the eerie tension as the track progresses.

Speaking with Complex via email, Gillespie said: "'Kerosene' is about how being with someone takes over everything. I crave that person. She could ask what I'm doing this morning today, and if she objected it would be impossible to say no. It's about having a complete one-track mind."