Offset will not be charged for allegedly smashing a fan's phone after the bystander attempted to record the rapper shopping at Target. Law enforcement officials told TMZ that prosecutors will not be bringing a case against Offset since he and Junior Gibbons, the man who recorded the video, came to a mutual agreement on their own. 

Last month, the rapper was hit with a felony arrest warrant after Gibbons ran up to him at a Target in Sandy Springs, Georgia. As seen in the video footage, Gibbons walked up to Offset with his phone in hand, which the rapper then knocked to the ground, reportedly breaking it. After the recording had subsequently ended, Offset allegedly told the fan to "get that fuckin' phone out of my face."

The rapper was reportedly buying a baby stroller at Target when the teenager popped up. Gibbons' mother took to Twitter to denounce Offet's reaction to her son's selfie video. 

Days after the exchange took place, Gibbons filed a police report, which was then classified as a felony due to the cost of the device. The fan reportedly wanted the rapper to pay for a replacement phone, not see him arrested, per TMZ. And based on the outcome of their legal matters, that's likely what the rapper offered up.