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Remy Ma has been going through it, but luckily Fat Joe has her back.

Fat Joe took to Instagram on Thursday to show support for Remy, posting a photo of him holding her and Papoose’s baby.

Fat Joe then spoke on getting second chances in America, and how Remy has been an exemplary citizen since getting out of jail. He notes that she even gave her time to perform at a free concert, the one where she allegedly punched her Love & Hip Hop: New York co-star Brittney Taylor.

He also points out the lack of evidence that Remy punched Taylor: "There were maybe thirty to forty Cops at the Cancer Charity Event not one saw ANY altercation," said Fat Joe. "In a world of everything is on CAMERA there’s no footage of any incident hmmmmmmmmmmm PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE beware of the CLOUT CHASE my sister will be just fine THIS TOO SHALL PASS."

While Remy was released from police custody, TMZ reported on Thursday that she could be facing added jail time due to a parole violation. 

On Wednesday, the rapper turned herself in to the police and was booked for misdemeanor assault. Her attorney subsequently claimed that Taylor’s accusations weren’t true.

New York State's Division of Parole has reportedly launched a probe. Remy has been on parole since she was released from prison in 2014, after being jailed for six years for her connection to a shooting. If she did violate parole, then she could be looking at more jail time.

At the moment, Remy has an 8 p.m. curfew and isn’t allowed to be in contact with Taylor.

Earlier this month, Taylor took to social media with claims that she and Remy got into an altercation backstage during the Pretty Lou Benefit Concert at Irving Plaza. According to Taylor, things quickly escalated leading to Ma reportedly punching Taylor in the face. This led to an investigation that ended with Remy turning herself into the authorities.