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TMZ reports that Remy Ma has surrendered to authorities on Wednesday and is now in police custody.

According to sources, the "Shether" rapper is being held on a misdemeanor assault charge. It is said that the charge stems from an alleged incident between Remy and Love and Hip-Hop co-star Brittney Taylor. Earlier this month, Taylor took to social media with claims that she and Remy got into an altercation backstage during the Pretty Lou Benefit Concert at Irving Plaza. Things quickly escalated leading to Ma reportedly punching Taylor in the face. Along with the social media post, Taylor reported the matter to the police. This led to an investigation that ended with Remy turning herself into the authorities. 

"This arrest demonstrates how serious this matter is," Taylor's lawyer Sandford Rubenstein told the local ABC affiliate. "It is real life and not reality TV entertainment. The victim, Brittney Taylor, has confidence in our system of justice and will continue to fully cooperate with the authorities."

When asked what started prompted the event, Rubenstein said: "A conversation did take place involving Remy Ma's stepchild... I don't have any details with regard to the specifics of the conversation, but that's what led up to the event."

While this might be a light scuffle for some, Remy Ma is still on parole after being released from a seven-year sentence in 2014. As of now, it is unclear what the outcome of her current situation will be and how it will impact her parole.