TMZ reports that on Friday, Britney Spears appeared in court alongside her mother, Lynne, to help the latter obtain medical documents, as the latter believes the former was forced into a 30-day stay at a mental health facility. The claim goes against earlier reports stating the entertainer voluntarily admitted herself for treatment.

As protestors holding "Free Britney" and "#EndTheConservatorship" signs gathered in front of the courthouse, the 37-year-old singer emerged from the building barefoot, adding fuel to the narrative of her deteriorating mental health.

Britney is engaged in a conservatorship with her father, Jamie, who acts as the manager of her personal/financial affairs due to her current cognitive state. Lynne believes that Jamie, who has been the their daughter's conservator for over a decade, forced Britney to enter the mental health facility and requested for doctors to administer drugs against her will (though he doesn't have the legal authority to do either).

The mother-daughter duo's attempt at obtaining the records comes after the two decided on reconciling their severed relationship. Despite this, it appears Lynne has no intentions of becoming a co-conservator.

It was reported that, upon leaving the facility, the medications that kept Britney stable were no longer working, and doctors were having difficulties finding an effective combination. That, in conjunction with Jamie's worsening health conditions, led to her month-long stay.

The hearing concluded with Spears, as well her parents, agreeing to a court-ordered expert evaluation. As it is usually the case for conservatorships, she is expected to undergo a medical examination, the guidelines of which being determined by Jamie and a lawyer assigned by the court.