‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Cast Talk About Finding Solo Success Despite Having Celebrity Parents

Well-Rounded is back! And this time, we're talking to the cast of Growing Up Hip Hop.

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This week, three members of the cast of Growing Up Hip Hop sit down with Complex News to discuss the new season, the advantages and disadvantages of having celebrity parents, and more.

Don't believe everything you see on TV, in the tabloids, or on your favorite blog. At least that's what Kristinia DeBarge (James DeBarge’s daughter) cautions. As she discloses to Sean Evans, there’s no real beef between cast members, and while drama does exist, it stays within each individual’s personal life.

Meanwhile, Boogie Dash, son of music mogul Damon Dash, makes it a point to stress how difficult it is for sons and daughters of celebrities to actually make it big like their parents. Yes they have a foot in the door, but if they’re just bad at what they do, they won’t be successful.

Finally, Boogie, Kristinia, and Egypt Chriss (the daughter of Treach and Pepa) reveal the most meaningful pieces of advice they’ve received from their parents. While Boogie says that Damon Dash told him to make a name for himself, Egypt says her parents remind her to be strong and not let people walk all over her.

Watch the full interview above, and be sure to catch season 2 of Growing Up Hip Hop, which premieres Thursday, October 13 on WE tv at 9|8c.

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