Last year, Twitter user and artist @LeftAtLondon went viral after she released an instructional video on creating your very own Frank Ocean song. The video highlighted her acute sense of the Blonde singer's sonic style, and her rendition of a Frank track was as funny as it was accurate.

It seems as if Left at London has a penchant for Odd Future acts, as she decided to release a new "how-to" video, this time unpacking the style of Tyler, The Creator.

Left's knack for mastering a given artist's sound with ease is understandable: She is a musician herself. Much like the Frank Ocean video, she deconstructs Tyler's song structure down to melodic phrases and lyric subject matter.

Her teachings include Tyler's use of out-of-key synth chords and pitched down ad-libs, and she even provides her version of his lyrics ("Fuck up my deadbeat dad if he decided to call me / I got a million on me, blew a couple of thou / I should win me a Grammy, floopy gloopity glammy). She also highlights the changes from his 2015 album Cherry Bomb to his critically acclaimed 2017 project Flower Boy.

If you catch yourself asking "what can make this moment more awesome," Tyler caught wind of the video and gave his response, praising her impersonation. "I LEGIT LAUGHED THIS LOWKEY SPOT ON OMG, ( YOU FORGOT THE 'AYO' THO)," he said.

A more in-depth analysis of Tyler's sound can be found on Dissect, a Spotify exclusive podcast that will examine Flower Boy. When speaking to Complex, Dissect host Cole Cuchna praised the rapper and his body of work, saying "We don’t very often get this trifecta of harmonic complexity, catchy singable melodies, and deep introspection, all wrapped into a single, extremely cohesive album."