The Game is currently dedicated to sharing a daily Nipsey Hussle post. The flood of tributes has given the rapper a bit of room to move away from the typical "rest up" posts of someone who is grieving, providing the space to go into other topics that are relevant to both Hussle and his life. His most recent tribute to Nipsey features a history of gangs and the way that he and Hussle moved beyond their neighborhood affiliations.

"Our last time in the studio puttin’ finishing touches on the record we got together. My n***a threw up 60’s so much, you had to throw yo shit back up just so you wasn’t over-powered by his," Game began. "When we grew up, it wasn’t ever kool to kick it with no crips if you was bloodin’ & vice versa.. but when @SnoopDogg embraced me when I came in the game it brought a new understanding of how REAL n***as separated themselves from the confinement of what LA gang bangin was at that time which was far away from its origin of peaceful protective groups formed in the 1960’s."


The Game delved into how gangs evolved from protective fraternal organizations to violent criminal sets, complete with citations, before getting back to his original point: that it's possible for people from rival gangs to rise above it. 

"Circling back around to where I started...I was just saying how dope it was to be able to break the color lines to which we were loyal to, to show the world that a crip & blood could tour the world together, create a friendship & bond that would serve as an example for the next generation of young African American kids growing up in the same darkness," he said. "What I’m really saying is I miss my n***a dearly !!! What a pure soul."