Right-wing pundit and Donald Trump superfan Laura Ingraham has faced criticism following her comments on Nipsey Hussle's memorial service in Los Angeles. "Yesterday in L.A., thousands lined the streets to say goodbye to rapper Nipsey Hussle," she said during her Fox News show The Ingraham Angle. "Now this dear artist recently released a song called 'FDT'—F Donald Trump."

The Game has called out her comments in a vitrolic Instagram post. "So lemme tell you what’s going to happen here," he wrote alongside a clip of Ingraham's comments. "@foxnews fires this disrespectful c*nt by tomorrow, Monday morning or you will lose millions of viewers one person at a time until it drastically effects your ratings, views etc... if our demographic doesn’t effect that we will STOP support of ALL SPONSORS immediately."  

The Game has already called out others who have disrespected Nip following his tragic death, Kodak Black and the LAPD among them. "This is not a game & my brothers untimely demise has noticeably shifted the world & brought people from all ethnicity’s together in mourning. There is a power in that, that will be used & action will be taken from now going forward," he continued. "We will not be accepting any apology from her...we want her fired, PERIOD!!!!!"

This isn't even remotely the first time Laura Ingraham has received criticism for her comments. Previously her show lost a slew of advertisement deals after she taunted survivors of the Parkland shooting. Just months later, she was facing backlash when she compared child detention centers for immigrants to "summer camps."