The Game Calls Out Cops Reportedly Disparaging Nipsey’s Parents Over Radio; LAPD Denies

The audio was allegedly picked up by a kid's walkie-talkie.

Shortly after Nipsey Hussle's memorial service Thursday, LAPD officers were accused of making disparaging comments about the late rapper's parents. The allegations stemmed from an audio clip of an alleged police radio exchange that was picked up by a child's walkie-talkie. The Savoy Show was the first to post the recording, in which voices could be heard insulting Nipsey's family.

The Game shared the clip via Instagram on Friday, calling the statements "disgusting." He also made sure to indicate that the comments were allegedly made by LAPD officers, but states incidents like this is why many people simply distrust law enforcement.

"Audio of what seems to be LAPD officers intercepted on police radio & caught disrespecting Nip's parents, his home-going & celebration SMFH," the Game wrote in the caption. "Then y’all stupid mothafuckas wonder why nobody has faith in the legal system or this corrupt police force/government. This shit is disgusting & the voices in this video if they are in fact police officers should be recognized by other officers & they should be brought to the light !!!! Protect & serve right ??!!?!? Fuck outta here !!!"

The LAPD has since responded to the Savoy Show and the Game's posts, insisting it was not their officers who were heard on the radio frequency. How do they know? Because they claim to only use digital frequencies, which can not be picked up by a walkie-talkie.

"We are aware of this disrespectful, disturbing, and offensive recording and responded to it last night on our LAPDHQ Twitter account," the department wrote in the Game's comment section. "We can assure you we looked into it, and by all indications, this is not an LAPD radio broadcast based on several factors, one of them being that we use digital frequencies that can not be intercepted using a child’s toy walkie talkie, and this does not appear to be a digital frequency."

The origins of the audio have not been confirmed. The LAPD told TMZ it does not intend to investigate the matter any further. 

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