Making a proper visual debut can be a rather daunting task, but KAYTA is proving herself more than up for the challenge. Hailing from Montreal, the young singer-songwriter has spent serious hours cooking up new material, and now she's finally ready to make her mark on the scene -- judging from some early looks and listens, fans of moody, pop-minded R&B are in for a major treat too.

With an EP release slated for later this June, KAYTA decided to tide fans over with a music video for the project's lead single, "KARMA". Premiering today on Complex CA, the fresh track comes packed with lyrics that celebrate individuality over an ethereal instrumental courtesy of producer Kevin-Dave Brien. KAYTA explained to us over email that the somber piece comes from a myriad of reference points. "There is not just one meaning and that is because I wrote it over long period of time," she begins. "It talks about embarking on a new adventure, being proud of who you are and your cultural differences, facing your fears and surpass judgements."

Growing up in a multicultural household, KAYTA says that her music has been informed by an array of special places. The songstress proudly pulls from an eclectic mix including hip-hop, jazz, soul, and traditional Slavic and Chilean grooves courtesy of her parents' heritage. But when it comes down to writing, she has more of a restrained approach. "My writing process is mostly to do it by isolating myself in my bed inside my bedroom, I like to be comfortable. This song [KARMA] portraits many moods over small stories because it was written on a long period, so it speaks about what was relatable to me at that time."

The aforementioned music video for "KARMA" sees the singer bathed in an eerie orange glow while walking around a snow-touched park ground. Simple and elegant, KAYTA says that the video is meant to reflect her artistic spirit altogether. "It is basically an artsy representation of my many moods in a one-take video. I wanted to bring everyone with me onto a captivating adventure by slowly walking on the music while throwing some quirky dance moves that are representative of who I am," she tells us in a message. "I also felt like it was important to work on leveraging the lighting for this dark night because 'KARMA' is about being strong and facing your fears, and light helps you to do so."

You can watch the video for "KARMA" above via YouTube. The audio version will be available on all major streaming platforms later today.