It seems as soon as Justin Bieber makes forward progress on his long road to redemption, the singer somehow gets knocked back two steps. The latest setback thrown Bieber's way comes from the victim he struck during a 2017 car accident. 

On Tuesday, TMZ reported that photographer William Wilson is suing Justin Bieber for injuries he sustained after the singer ran him over with his truck. Similar to most Bieber sightings, the artist was swarmed by paparazzi while attempting to leave a Beverly Hills church service in July 2017. Yet true to their known persistence, photogs continued to try to catch Bieber's attention despite him maneuvering his vehicle.

This clash of interests led to Wilson being run over by Bieber's massive 2017 Dodge Ram 2500 truck. Unlike accidents in the past, Bieber immediately stopped the truck, attempting to help the visibly injured Wilson until emergency officials arrived. That care combined with video evidence resulted in the police clearing Bieber from any criminal negligence. 

Despite authorities removing blame, the pop star is still entwined in a legal battle with Wilson; he and his attorney feel as though they are being "lowballed" by Bieber's insurance company. Although they did not disclose the amount offered, they state it is not adequate compensation for "permanent disability, emotional damages, and general damages" caused by the accident. Wilson claims to have suffered a torn meniscus and knee cap damage that required arthroscopic surgery. While it is unknown how much money Wilson is seeking, Bieber does appear to have an early advantage since the responding police concluded that Wilson had illegally positioned himself in traffic before being struck by the vehicle.