Certainly not lost among conversations on the legacy of Nipsey Hussle, who was tragically shot and killed in Los Angeles Sunday, is his repeatedly proven lyrical prowess. In that same spirit, Hussle was quite an interviewee, routinely offering up potent quotables.

Both have rightfully been celebrated by fans in the hours after the Grammy-nominated Victory Lap artist's tragic death at the age of 33. Additionally, Hussle has long been touted for his local community work and status among friends and family as a champion for multiple causes.

As questions remain regarding the circumstances surrounding the fatal shooting at Hussle's own Marathon Clothing shop, fans are mourning by way of celebration, shouting out some choice Hussle lyrics and interview clips.

One key Hussle moment pointed out Monday was a 2018 Forbes article titled "The Art of Being Self-Made," which notably includes an assortment of sage advice on how to succeed as an independent creator and business boss. At the time, Hussle defined "self-made" as being willing to embrace the process of "the game and experience" required to truly become wise in your field.

Lyrically, fans are taking it back to classic bars like Hussle's 2014 appearance on GQ's Rated Oakland cut "Count 'Em Up." More recent catalog entries like "Hussle & Motivate" and the Kendrick Lamar collab "Dedication" are also getting love. As such, TMZ reported Monday that some Hussle projects saw a charts increase of as much as 500 percent.

Below, join fans in celebrating the life and legacy of Nipsey Hussle through lyrics and favorite interview and studio moments.