Kodak Black sparked a lot of outrage when he said he was going to romantically pursue Lauren London, the girlfriend of the recently deceased Nipsey Hussle. "Hey, Kodak Black: You outta pocket, n***a. Fix that shit—quickly, expeditiously," T.I. said in response to Kodak's insensitive comments. Later, artwork of Kodak was taken down from Tip's Trap Music Museum in Atlanta. Kodak replied by dissing the museum, and now he's said that T.I. had his own interests when it came to dissing Kodak for speaking on Nip's girlfriend.

"Dude just wants first dibs on her," Kodak said of T.I.'s reaction to his comments on Lauren London. He repeated himself numerous times during the stream, insisting that T.I. only said what he did because he is interested in Lauren himself. 

Due to the quality of the video it's difficult to make out the rest of what he says, but he does repeat his favorite insult once again. "Eat a baby dick," he tells Tip. When Kodak first learned that artwork depicting him had been removed from the Trap Museum, he responded, "Fuck that p***y ass museum, bitch. I ain't give y'all permission to put me up there anyway."

In response to Kodak's comments about Lauren London, Real 92.3's Big Boy and Power 106 both banned the rapper's music from their stations until he properly apologizes. He previously attempted to say sorry to Lauren, but insisted that he didn't do anything wrong while he apologized. "If I disrespected you Lauren London in any shape or form, I am sorry.... Even though I didn't," he said.