The Kendrick Lamar/Big Sean beef has been marred with deep subliminals that leave room for fans to speculate if these shots were meant for their respective targets.

However, on Sunday, a snippet of an unreleased K. Dot record hit the internet in which Kendrick comes the closest he's ever been to calling Sean out by name. 

In what appears to be a throwaway from his DAMN. sessions, Kendrick uses a minimalistic instrumental to fire a flurry of disses that could only be meant for his Detroit adversary.

"I think his false confidence got him inspired/I can't make them respect you, baby. It's not my job," Kendrick begins for steadying his aim. "You 'Finally Famous' for who you date, not how you rhyme/cute ass bars get your subliminals up."

Although this may be an old record, this snippet is the lastest dart thrown in the Kendrick/Big Sean beef. While neither has gone public about their beef, it is said that the rift between the two is rooted in Kendrick's iconic "Control" verse. After insisting he didn't get washed by K. Dot, Sean elected to leave "Control" off his Hall of Fame project due to the negativity in Kendrick's verse.

"There’s a lot of negativity on that song, and I don’t fuck with negative shit," Sean explained to Complex. "People love drama, people love bullshit. I knew when Kendrick did that name-dropping that it was just gonna set it off, and I could see why people gravitated towards that verse for that reason." 

This tension came to a head when Big Sean dropped his 2016 loosie "No More Interviews." On this track, he addressed all the hot topics surrounding his personal life and career including the "beef" with Kendrick. Still, no names were mentioned which seemed to further irritate Lamar. On "The Heart Part 4," Lamar alluded to Sean, telling him to stop "tip-toeing around" his name.

He then carried the aggression into DAMN. where he instructed anyone to say his same so he could turn into "Candyman."

As both have stayed out of the media's spotlight for some time, it is unknown if they have taken upon themselves to resolve their issues. Yet, if they haven't, it will be interesting to see if Sean will respond to this unearthed diss track.